Bakijai(Loan recovery) Branch

Functions and Duties
             Bakijai Branch is one of the Branches in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner. Bakijai Officer is notified by the Government on the basis of the Deputy Commissioner’s recommendation from amongst the Extra Assistant Commissioners posted in the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. Bakijai Officer is assisted by an LD Assistant in the Bakijai matters.
             The main function of the Branch is to issue Bakijai notices to the defaulters of the State Bank of India or MCAB after receiving the list of defaulters from the concerned banks. The outstanding amount deposited by the defaulters in installments are collected in the branch and pucca receipt is issued against the Amount received. The accumulated amount is remitted to the concerned Bank along with the list of borrowers.
              Bakijai Officer compiles the reports and places the same in the District Consultative Committee meetings with the Banks. Reports on recovery position are also furnished to the Government when called for.

Powers and duties of Officers and employees:
               The Bakijai Officer can exercise powers as provided under Bengal Public Demands Recovery Act.He can attach the property of the defaulters and he can even cause them arrested and put them in the civil imprisonment.
               L.D. Assistant in the Bakijai Branch performs his duties as instructed by the Bakijai Officer.

Rules, regulations, instructions, manual and records for discharging functions:
                The Bakijai Officer discharges his duty as provided under the Bengal Public Demands Recovery Act.




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