Account Branch in DC Office

  • Matter relating to allowances including dearness allowances, travelling allowances etc.
  • Matter relating to audit and special audit.
  • Matter relating to defalcation, embezzlement and other irregularities in respect of public finance.
  • Pre-audit of arrear claim, ad-hoc payment of old claim, permanent advance
  • Matters relating to revision and interpretation of the contingency Manual, Assam Financial Rules, The Assam Budget manual, Delegation of Financial Power & Rules.
  • Budget Compilation and matters relating thereto
  • Cash Balance
  • Yardsticks for sanction of Staff creation/sanction of posts
  • Interpretation of Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules, Assam Financial Rules and Delegation of Financial Power Rules
  • Matters relating to Pay committee
  • Payment of Income Tax
  • Preparation of pay bills and other claims of Government servants


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