Duties & Responsibilities of Various Cells

          In connection with Assembly Election 2016 in Cachar District  the following cells have been constituted for smooth conduct of all aspects of the election process. 

1)  District Election Cell:
i) Shri S. Viswanathan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar.
ii) Sri  Rajveer Singh  ,IPS, Superintendent of Police, Cachar, Silchar.
iii) Sri N Ghose, CEO, Zila Parishad, Cachar, Silchar
iv) Sri M K  Das, ACS, District Dev. Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar.
v) Sri S N Singh, ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar.
vi) Sri Asim Kumar Bhattacharyya, ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar.
vii) Smt. D. Dey, ACS, Project Director. DRDA, Cachar, Silchar.
viii) Shri Simanta Kumar Das, ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar & I/C. Election Officer, Silchar.
ix) Shri H.C. Bhakta, ACS, Sub Divisional Officer, Sadar, Silchar.
x) Smt. Prerna Sharma, IAS, Asstt. Commissioner, Silchar.
xi) Sri D Deori, Deputy Director, Information and Public Relation, Barak Valley Zone.
xii) Sri W H Singh , DIO, NIC, Cachar
xiii) Sri K Dutta,  CA to  D C , Cachar,  Silchar
xiv) Sri Suryabrata Dey, Stenographer.
xv) Sri Satyendra Kr. Yadav, Sr. Asstt, D C Office,  attached to D C ..
xvi) Sri Topojyoti Dutta, Jr. Asstt,, D C ;s Bungalow Office.
xvii) Sri Parimal Bardhan, Peon
xviii)Sri Bahar Uddin Laskar, Peon
xix) Sri Sunil Chandra Das, Peon.
xx) Sri Shyamalendu Nath, Peon , Bungalow Office.
xxi) Sri Ananda Das, Peon,             -do-
xxii)Sri Pratul Mazumdar, Peon,     -do-
xxiii) Sri Suman Das, Peon,              -do-
xxiv) Sri Y .Sanjib Singh , P/S , D C office, Silchar.
& All staff of Election Branch.
The Deputy Commissioner, Cachar shall be the overall in-charge of this Cell as the District Election Officer. All other Officers will assist him.
This Cell will keep overall co-ordination with the other cells and also look after the Law & Order aspects. All the Cells will submit their day-to-day report regarding progress of works to the District Election Officer through the Election Officer, Silchar. All immediate actions required to be taken should also be brought to the notice of the District Election Officer through the Election Officer, Silchar.


2. Nomination Cell:
i) Shri S. Viswanathan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Cachar,
ii) Shri Simanta Kumar Das, ACS, Addl Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar & I/c. Election    Officer, Silchar.
iii) Smt. Atasi Dutta (Tarafdar), Sr. Asstt.  D.C. Office.
iv) Shri Ranjit Deb, Sr. Asstt.  D.C’s Office..
v) Shri Tulsi Kumar Nath, Jr. Asstt. D.C’s Office .
vi) Shri Swapan Kumar Nath, Grade – IV, D.C.’s Office, Cachar, Silchar.
Duties & responsibilities:
The Cell will chalk out the plan for receiving of Nomination paper on submission of the plan Personnel will provide necessary staff as per requirement given.
Cell will arrange the issue  and receiving Nomination Papers.
Will prepare the check list for check list for issue and receive and scrutiny of Nomination   Paper and allotment of symbol.
Will ensure that all the instructions of the ECI and Hand Book of Returning Officers are adhered to from the date of Notification till preparation of list of validly nominated contesting candidates.
The Cell will function from Conference Hall, DC’s Office, Cachar.
3. Material / EVM Cell:
i) Shri Naresh Ghosh, Chief Executive Officer, Cachar Zila Parishad, Silchar & Cell In-charge.
ii) Shri T.T. Dwlagapu, ACS, S D O(C), Lakhipur.
iii) Sri M Doley, E O, C/o BDO, Udharbond.
iv) Sri Rahul Dasgupta, AE, C/o Silchar Development Authority.
v) Sri Gaithew Kabui, Sr. Asstt. Revenue Branch.
vi) Sri Bimal Dhar, Sr. Asstt. Circle Office, Katigorah.
vii) Sri Kishalaya Bhattacherjee, Sr.. Asstt.attached to P F C. Branch.
viii) Sri Debasish Barman, Jr. Asstt. , Development Branch
ix) Sri Chayan Kanti Das, Jr Asstt, D C office.
x) Sri Pranay Chakraborty, Jr. Asstt. Bakijai branch.
xi) Sri Ishak Khan, LDA, C/o ASO, Sonai.
xii) Sri Raju Seal, Peon.
xiii) Sri Balai Roy, Gr. IV..
xiv) Sri Sumon Deb, PS, Katigorah Revenue Circle.
Duties and responsibilities:
1. To assess requirement of polling materials.
2. To get EVM tested and checked and to keep EVM ready for distribution to Polling parties.
3. Randomization of EVMs.
4. To assess the requirement of different categories of forms, envelopes etc. for Polling and place requirement to the Election Officer, Silchar.
5. To arrange distribution and receiving of materials to and from Zonal Magistrates/Sector Officers and different Polling Station and also arrange to collect all statutory documents, i.e.,  Presiding Officers’ Diary, Ballot Paper Account, Form – 17 (A) constituency wise in consultation with the Election Officer for perusal of the same by the Election Observer/DEO. Also to arrange distribution of materials, forms, etc. to Counting Hall as per the indent of Counting Hall in charge and Election Officer.
6. They will make necessary arrangement for sealing of Election Papers and Polled EVM immediately after the counting on EVM.
7. The Election Officer, Silchar shall arrange supply of Forms, materials etc. after approval from the DEO & D.C. Cachar.
               This cell will function from the Sadar Circle, Unnayan Bhavan / Chief Executive Officer, Cachar Zila Parisad for the present .

4.     EVM Training & Awareness Cell:
i)     Shri Asim Kumar Bhattacharyya, ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Cell In-charge.
ii)    Shri K. Hazarika, ACS, Circle Officer, Udharbond.                           
iii)    Shri Sandip Bhattacharjee, Asstt. Executive Engineer,O/o. the Addl. Chief Engineer,
PHE, Cachar Circle, Silchar.                                                    
iv)      Shri Saiful Islam Mazumdar, Sr. Asstt., Settlement Office, Cachar.
v)     Shri P.K Purkayastha,  Head Asstt, Settlement Office, Cachar.
vi)    Shri S. Roy, Sr. Asstt. Settlement Office, Cachar.
vii)      Shri Mridul Chakraborty, Sr. Asstt. Settlement Office, Cachar
Duties and responsibilities:
To hold 3(three) rounds of training of Presiding/ Polling Personnel in coordination with Personnel Cell.
To hold training of Polling Personnel other than Presiding and Polling Personnel.
To render assistance to BDOs for awareness campaign of EVM.
To set-up help centre at Dak Bungalow and dispersal centre and BDOs / G.P. Office.
To hold training for Counting Supervisor and Counting Assistant.

5.  Postal Ballot Paper / Ballot Paper Cell:
i) Shri  S.N.Singh, ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Cachar & Cell in-charge.
ii) Smti  K Langhum., I/C CO, Sonai & Assisting Officer.
iii) Sri M.L. Deb, Treasury Officer, Silchar.
iv) Sri Muhib Hussain Barbhuiya, Sr. Asstt. Bakijai Branch.
v) Sri Asish Shil, Sr. Asstt. Land Ceiling Branch
vi) Smti Amanisa Bhattacharjee, Sr. Asstt, Sadar Tahasil.
vii) Smt. Kanti Prava Barman, Sr. Asstt, D C Office, Silchar
viii) Sri Gopal Krishna Goswami, Gr. IV, Excise Branch.
ix) Smt. Sabita Malah, P.S.
To be assisted by Treasury Office Staff.
Duties and responsibilities:
1. To assess the actual requirement of Ballot paper both Postal Ballot and ordinary and arrange  for printing with consultation with Election Office, silchar.
2. To scrutinize the Ballot Paper on receipt from the printing press /Govt.
3. To issue Postal papers within 24 hrs. from the drawing up of the list of contesting candidates.
The Cell will function from Land Ceiling Branch at Unnayan Bhawan.

6. Transport Cell :
i) Sri Simanta Kumar Das, ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar & Cell In-charge.
ii) District Transport Officer,Cachar
iii) In-charge, Digarkhal Check Gate.
iv) In-charge, Lailapur Check Gate.
v) Divisional Superintendent, ASTC, Silchar.
vi) Sri Ratan Singh, Asstt. Supdt. A.S.T.C., Silchar
vii) MVI, Silchar O/o. the DTO,Cachar, Silchar.
viii) Shri Debobrata  Das, , Sr. Asstt. D.C’s Office, Cachar, Silchar.
ix) Shri Bikramjit Chakraborty, Sr. Asstt. D.C.’s Office, Cachar, Silchar.
x) Sri  Rajat Bhattacharjee, Jr. Asstt, L A branch, silchar
xi) Sri Bikash Dutta, Jr Asstt, District Record Room, silchar..
xii) Sri Chunilal Das, Patwari, D C office, silchar.
xiii) Shri Supriya Dey, Junior Assistant, O/o. the Inspector of Factories, Silchar.
xiv) Sri Jitendra Chandra Das, PS.
xv) Sri R.K. Biswajit Singha, P.S.
xvi) Shri Alock Das, P.S.
xvii) Shri Shamim Ahmed Laskar, Grade – IV.
Duties and responsibilities:
1. To make full assessment of requirement and availability different types of vehicle/boats etc. well  ahead of time.
2. Preparation of Route Chart regarding dispatching of vehicle to different Polling Stations and allot vehicle to polling parties and various officials engaged in the Election process.
3. To assess availability of Govt. vehicles and others and maintain separate Registers.
4. To allot the vehicles to different Officers according to their duties and maintain/ make arrangements for proper Log-Sheets etc.
5. To hire and maintain proper records and registers about the hired vehicles and Govt. vehicles separately (category wise).
6. To arrange minor repairing of Govt. vehicles after obtaining MVI report where necessary.
7. To co-ordinate with Transport Operators and other such bodies regarding availability of the vehicles   and also keep liaison with the said bodies for drafting and dispatching the vehicles.
8. To release the Non-Govt. vehicles forthwith after completion of the required works.
9. To assess and make payment of wages to the Drivers and Handymen of hired vehicle
10. To keep the Computer Cell (NIC) informed regarding requirement of vehicle, availability of Govt.vehicle, hired vehicles and vehicles released after hire, repairs of vehicles for proper monitoring.
11. To arrange vehicle for transportation of polling and counting personnel. 
This cell will function from L.A. Branch, Unnayan Bhawan and Dak Bungalow, Silchar.

7. Refreshment Cell:
i) Sri A.K. Bhattacharyya, ACS, Addl Deputy Commissioner, Cachar  Silchar & Cell in-charge.
ii)The Joint  Director, FCS & CA,Silchar  & Assisting Officer,
iii)Superintendent, FCS & CA, Silcahr.
iv) Food Inspector, O/o. the Joint Director of Health Services, Silchar.
v) All Inspector & Sub.-Inspector of FCS & CA.
vi) Sri Pranay Nath, Sr. Asstt, FCS & CA, Silchar.
vii) Sri  Ranjit Kr Dey, Jr.Asstt. L A branch,Silchar.
viii) Sri Niranjan Sinha,Gr-IV, FCS &CA,Silchar.
Duties and responsibilities:

1. To arrange proper supply of light refreshment/meal to the Officers and staff working in the different  Election Cells beyond the stipulated working hours after observing all formalities and proper examination by concerned Food Inspector.

2. To arrange proper refreshment to the Officers and staff engaged for Election works at the Counting  Hall during counting of votes.

3. To arrange refreshment for Polling Personnel after their return from Poll at the reception Center.

4.To assess daily requirement of the next day, monitor daily expenditure and report to the DC, Cachar on day-to-day basis.

5. To maintain proper account of refreshment expenditure.
6.Food Inspector will examine the quality of food items before serving the same.

This cell will function from the F & CS Branch of DC, Cachar.

8. Construction Cell:
i) Smt. D. Dey, ACS,Projrct Director,DRDA,Cachar,Silchar & Cell in-charge.
ii) The Executive Engineer, PWD (Building), Silchar Division, Silchar.
iii) Sri Saptajit Dey,DRDA,Cachar,Silchar.
iv) Sri Pranesh Chakraborty, Accountant,C/O PD,DRDA,Silchar.
v) Sri Babul Uddin Majarbhuiya,Peon,C/O PD,DRDA,Silchar.
Duties and responsibilities:
To arrange temporary structure for distribution and receiving of Election Materials.
Preparation of Counting Hall as per guideline, improvisation of existing structure for the various Election cells. The vehicle parking ground is to be arranged in consultation with the Officer-in-charge, Transport Cell. Toilet and other facility are also to be arranged. Similar
arrangements are to be made in the distribution center/Receiving center. Vehicle parking ground on the day of distribution and receiving of materials and on counting day.
To construct Strong Rooms adjacent to the concerned Counting Halls as per guideline for keeping the polled EVMs.
To undertake any other work as and when directed by the DC, Cachar.
Regarding hiring of furniture etc. quotation shall be  invited by the cell and the hiring price will be fixed by the DC, Cachar, with information to Election Office, silchar..
I/C construction cell will also supervise the work of Electrification and water Supply Cell.

9. Electrification Cell: 
i) The AEE., PWD, (Electrical Subdivision) & Cell in-charge.

The AEE, PWD, (Electrical Subdivision) will detail staff from his office in the cell with intimation to the Officer in-chagre Personnel Cell.                                                         
Duties and responsibilities:
To arrange Electrification with additional stand by arrangement particularly for Counting Hall.
They are also to arrange adequate electrification at the place where Election Cells have been opened.
The receiving centre /distribution centre / counting halls / vehicle parking ground and other places as and when required.
In the day(s) of counting stand by generator sets in addition to inverters to be kept ready in all the Counting Hall
This cell will function from the O/O AEE., PWD, (Electrical Subdivision), Silchar

The Cell will work in consultation with I/C construction Cell.

10. Water Supply Cell:
i) Shri Nurujjaman Choudhury, Executive Engineer, PHE, Silchar Division-I & Cell in-charge
ii) Shri Dipak Das, Executive Engineer, PHE, Silchar Division – II.
The Executive Engineers, PHE, Silchar  will engage 1(One) Junior Engineer and 1(One) SA from his office for assisting them with intimation to the Officer-in-charge, Personnel Cell for issuing necessary orders regarding detailment above 2(Two) officials by the Personnel Cell.
Duties and responsibilities:
To arrange supply of safe drinking water in different Election Cells, Counting Hall, Distribution/Receiving centre, vehicle parking ground etc.
They will work in consultation with I/C Construction Cell.

11. Media & Publicity Cell:                 
i)  Smt S.N. Singh, ACS, Addl Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar & Cell in-charge.
ii) Sri Deva Prasad Deori , The Deputy Director, Information and Public Relation, Barak Valley Zone.
iii) D.M.E. NRHM
The Deputy Director, Information and Public Relation, Barak Valley Zone. will detail skeleton staff from his office for assisting him with intimation to the Officer-in-charge, Personnel Cell for issuing necessary orders regarding detailment  of officials by the Personnel Cell.
Duties and responsibilities:
The main function of the cell is to arrange for wide publicity of relevant matters connected with conduct of Election and to keep proper co-ordination/Liason with the Political Parties, Candidate, Press and the Public.
To make necessary arrangement regarding setting up of media centre at the Counting Centre.
To prepare materials/matters of voting awareness etc

12. Data Management Cell:
i) Shri Simanta Kumar Das, ACS, Addl Deputy Commissioner, Cachar & Election Officer, Silchar & Cell in-charge.
ii) Smti Amrit Prova Das,  ACS, AC, Silchar
iii)Shri Anurag Phukan, ACS, AC, Silchar..
iv)Shri W H Singh,  D I O, NIC,, Cachar
v) Sri Bhumendu Barman, Sr. Asstt, NIC, Cachar, Silchar.
vi) Shri Juned Ahmed Mazumder, e-District Project Manager, C/o. NIC, Silchar.
vii) Shri Kumarjit Choudhury, WIPRO Official, C/o. NIC, Silchar.
viii) All NIC staff
Duties and responsibilities:
They will process and bring out the required data relating to drafting of Polling Personnel or other personnel required for various kind of election related works.
To process data relating to various cells to enable the District Election Officer to monitor their works.
To make necessary arrangement for transmission of counting data to Chief Electoral Officer/Election Commission of India as per guidelines.
All other matters concerning computerization of the election process.
Data entry operator will be provided by the Election Officer as per requirement submitted by DIO, NIC.
This cell will function at the NIC, DC’s Office, Silchar. 

13. Model Code of Conduct Cell:
i)  Shri Naresh Ghosh, ACS, CEO, Cachar Zilla Parishad & Cell In-charge.
ii) Smt. Prerna Sharma, IAS, Assistant Commissioner, Silchar.
iii) All Circle Officers of Cachar.
iv) Sri Shamim Abul, DPM, NRHM, Silchar.
v)  Sri .Sushil Sarmah Choudhdury, F& AO, DC’s Office, Silchar
vi)  Treasury Officer, New Silchar Sub Treasury
vii) F& AO, C/o Addl. Chief Enginner W.R.,Silchar
viii)  Sri Niranjan Dhar, Sr. Asstt. Magistracy Branch
ix)  Sri Samsul Hoque Laskar, Jr.. Asstt. Rkg.Branch.
x)Sri  Nurul Amin Bar Laskar, Jr. Asstt. Magistracy Branch
xi)  Sri Joydeep Chandra Paul, Jr Asstt, Magistracy branch,Silchar .
xii) Sri  Soumitra  Nath, Jr. Asstt., D C Office.
xiii) Sri Neslay Shyella, Jr Asstt, D C Office,
xiv) Sri Debasish Bhattacharjee, S/A . O/O EE, PWD ( NEC ) Div-II ,   Silchar
xv)Sri Sajon Goala, P.S., D C Office
xvi)Sri Ranjit Mallah, Peon, D C Office.
Duties and responsibilities:
1.  All Circle Officer and BDOs under Cachar district  are to open MCC Cell at Circle/
Block level.
2. This cell is for enforcement of Model Code of Conduct including expenditure incurred by the candidates.
3. The cell will furnish necessary circulars and instructions etc. regarding Model Code of Conduct to all political parties/Contesting candidates and concerned officers after collecting the same from the Election office, Silchar.
This cell will function from Revenue Branch, DC’s Office, Silchar.

14. Expenditure Monitoring Cell:
Shri S.N. Singh,  ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar & Cell in charge..
Staff will be deputed by the Personnel Cell as per requirement submitted by MCC Cell.

15. Videography Cell:
i)           Smti Indrani Laskar, ACS, Asstt. Commissioner, Silchar, Cachar & Cell in-charge.

  1. Deputy Director, Information & Public Relations, Cachar, Silchar.
  2. Shri Partha Deb Roy,  Research Asstt.
  3. Shri Sidhartha Sankar Chakabarty, Sr. Asstt.
  4. Sri Sarat Singh, Jr. Asstt. Udharbond Circle Office.
  5. Sri Binonda Deb, Peon, Dev. Branch.
  6.  Sri Sabinoy Das, Gr. IV.

Duties and responsibilities:
The Cell will arrange Videography for important and critical events in connection with the  conduct of Election like nomination, scrutiny, preparation of EVMs, randomization of EVMS,  distribution of poll materials, poll and counting.
To engange videographer with Election Observer, DC& DEO, M.C.C.teams as and when asked for.
Viedographing of important meeting event addressed / attended by Minister, Top National / State level leaders of recognized political parties.
Videographying of violation of Model Code of Conduct by the candidates as prescribed by the E.C.I.when brought to its notice.
They will coordinate with the ground level MCC officials for video graphing of all critical and important events.
DDIPR will issue a certificate regarding videographer engage in videography.

16. Observer Cell      

  1. Smti Indrani Laskar, ACS, Asstt. Commissioner, Silchar, Cachar & Cell in-charge.
  2. The Superintendent of Excise,, Cachar.
  3. District Adult Education, Silchar, Cachar.
  4. District Elementary Education Officer, Cachar, Silchar.
  5. Executive Engineer, PWD Rural Roads, Cachar, Silchar.
  6. Principal, Silchar Polytechnic, Silchar.
  7. Sri Ratnadip Nath, Sr. Asstt. Excise Branch
  8. Sri Debasish Dey, Sr. Asstt. FCS & CA
  9. Sri Prabir Kr. Kurmi, Asstt. Nazir, Circuit House
  10. Sri Ranjit Chakraborty, PS.
  11. Sri Bablu Yadav, P.S.

Duties and responsibilities:
To look after the Election Observers, make arrangement for their accommodation, transportation, detailment of Protocol Officers, installation of telephones with STD facilities, fax etc. as may be required by the Observers.
This cell will function from Circuit House , Silchar.

17. Law & Order Cell:

  1. Sri M.K. Das, ACS, District Development Commissioner, Cachar & Officer-in-charge
  2. Smti.  Jharna  Barman,  I/C RS , D.C’s Office, Cachar.
  3. Sri Niranjan Dhar  , Sr. Asstt. D.C’s Office, Silchar.
  4. Sri Debasish Chanda, Jr Asstt, D C office, Silchar.
  5. Sri Bimal Sinha, P.S. Magistracy Branch
  6. Sri Monohor Das, Peon.


Duties and responsibilities:
To assess the requirement of police Forces/Paramilitary Forces and to    submit daily Law & Order report to the Higher Authority concerned.
To arrange accommodation for the Forces coming from outside.
This cell will function from Magistracy Branch.

18. Remuneration Cell:

  1. Sri M.L. Deb, Treasury Officer, Cachar Treasury – Officer-in-charge.
  2. Sri S. Shama Choudhury, Treasury Officer, New Silchar Sub.Treasury, Assisting Officer.
  3. F&AO .DC’s Office, Silchar Assisting Officer.
  4. F & A.O. C/o Addl. Chief Engineer, W.R. Deptt. Siilchar.
  5. Sri Satyajyoti Deb, Sr Asstt, R P, Silchar.
  6. Sri Tushar Kanti Dey. Jr  Asstt.  , Development Branch, D C Office.
  7. Sri Rajesh Deb, Jr Asstt, Personnel Branch.
  8. Sri Chandan Nath, Chainman, D C office, Silchar.

           Officer-in-charge of the Cell will detail staff from Treasury with intimation to the Personnel Cell.
Duties and responsibilities:
This Cell will make an estimate for payment of T.A./D.A.to Micro Observer, Polling/Counting Personnel as per the guidelines in consultation with the Personnel Cell and Submit the same to Election Office, Silchar well ahead of time.
Disburse the remuneration after getting approval from the DC & DEO, Cachar.

19. Photography & Pass Cell:

  1. Smti D Suchiang, ACS, ASO, Sadar  & Officer-in-charge
  2. Sri D. Deori, DDIPR, Silchar.
  3. Shri Suren Kalita, Asstt. Planning Officer, Silchar, Cachar.
  4. Sri Sibu Pada Das, Sr Asstt, D C office, silchar.
  5. Sri Manna Barman, Sr. Asstt. FCS & CA Branch
  6. Smt. Binita Dev Roy, Jr. Asstt., L.A. Branch.
  7. Smt. Rajeshree Deb, Jr. Asstt. L.A. Branch.
  8. Sri  Bishnu Pada Deb, Patowari , L.A Branch,Silchar.
  9. Smt. Paulomi Choudhury, Jr. Asstt. Sadar Tahasil
  10. Sri Gayanendra Sarma, P.S.

Duties & responsibilities:
To prepare photographs of all concerned engaged in connection with election duties/
To asses requirement of Identity Cards and Passes of Contesting Candidates, Election agents, Counting Agents and other poll related staff and persons engaged in Election duties.
This Cell will function from L.C. Branch.

 20. Counting Cell:

  1. Smt.D. Dey, ACS, Project Director, DRDA, Cachar & Cell in-charge.
  2. The Executive Engineer, DRDA, Cachar.
  3. The Executive Engineer, PWD (Building) Silchar Division, Silchar.
  4. F & AO, C/O Addl. Chief Engineer, W.R. Silchar.
  5. The Asstt. Executive Engineer, PWD (Building) Silchar Division, Silchar
  6. Shri Naresh Chandra Barman,  Jr. Asstt., D C Office.
  7. Sri Chandan Nath, Gr. IV

Duties & responsibilities:
To assess the tables/ furniture for Counting Hall Assembly segment wise and prepare a counting plan.
To asses the numbers of distributing officers, counting supervisors, counting assistants, Gr. IV etc. and place requirement to the Personnel Cell.
To asses the requirement different Forms and stationery for Counting Halls and place requirement to the Election Officer, Silchar.
To ensure uninterrupted power supply in Counting Halls.
To arrange for sealing of polled EVMs after Counting is over as per instructions of EC.

21.  Strong Room Cell :
i) Shri S.N. Singh,  ACS, Addl. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar,  Silchar & Cell in-charge.  
ii) Sri M. L. Deb, Treasury Officer, Cachar, Silchar.
iii) The Addl. Chief Engineer, Water Resource, Silchar.
iv) The S. E. PWD Building.
v) The S.E. P.W.D. Roads,
vi)  The Divisional Accountant PWD Building.
vii)  The Divisional Accountant, C/O  SE, Irrigation.

22. Personnel Cell:

  1. Smt. Indrani Laskar,  ACS, Asstt. Commissioner, Cachar.Silchar in-charge.
  2. Smti Kimchim langhum, ACS,Extra Asstt Commissioner, silchar and Assisting Officer, Personnel cell.
  3. Smti Mandeep Kar, AE, PHE , Silchar.
  4. Smti Gairika Sengupta, Sr. Asstt. Development Branch, Silchar.
  5. Shri Sudhendu Bhattacharjee, Sr. Asstt. D,C’s Office,
  6. Sri Swarup Chakraborty, Jr. Asstt. FCS & CA Branch.
  7. Sri Rahul Bhattacharjee, Revenue Copyist, District Record Room, Silchar.
  8. Sri Shekhar Charkraborty, LDA, C/o Ex. Engineer, PHE. Division-I, Silchar.
  9. Sri Swapan Nath, Gr. IV, Development Branch, DC’s Office, Silchar.
  10. Sri Taz Uddin Mazumder, Chainman, LA Branch, DC’s Office, Silchar.
  11. Sri Allauddin Barbhuiya, Duftry, District Record Room, Silchar.

      This cell will function from the Rkgo Branch of D.C’s office at Unnayan Bhawan for the present.


Duties and responsibilities:

1. To assess the requirement of Officers and staff for polling and counting duties and also for drafting of polling personnel as per Election Commission of India’s guidelines and issue appointment letters.
2. Drafting of Officers and staff for issuing of polling materials and receiving of polled EVMs and materials of poll. Drafting of additional staff in other cells, if necessary.
3. Training of Poll Personnel.
4. Drafting of Micro Observers.
4. Drafting of Officers and staff for counting of votes at Counting Hall.
5. Initiative of Departmental proceedings for other actions against the delinquent officials.
6. All  order copies  of staff  detailment  must be sent to Election Office, Silchar
6. Any other works as assigned by the District Election Officer.