The final success of any election depends on the suitable environment provided for the counting of votes. For this, counting plan assumes a large significance.

  • A place of storage of EVMs and polling materials is decided. It is kept in safe collectorate premises till they are dispatched.
  • Dispatching and receiving centers are decided for each constituency.
  • All the instructions of ECI are being followed in this regard.
  • Strong room is already decided upon which, would also act as counting centre.
  • Security arrangements are being made in form of 10 sections of CPMF to be stationed there, after all EVMs are deposited in strong room.
  • An arrangement for media personnel is also done in the counting area premises with safe distance.
  • All other logistics are also being taken care of.
  • NATRIP, Japhirbond, Silchar is notified as counting centre for 2-HP, Silchar Constutuency. NATRIP is situated on the East-West Corridor, Udharbond and 15 km. on the ……….. side from Silchar town.
  • There will be provision for 13 (thirteen) counting halls and 7 (seven) strong rooms for22 7 (seven) LA segments under 2-HP, Silchar.



Information on counting Halls

No. of halls available for counting:
Halls No. Dimension of the Hall ( in Mtrs.) No. of Doors AC Nos. of Assembly Segments proposed to be covered*2 No. of tables proposed to be places in the
  Length Width   In whole*3 In part*3  
1. 20 m 5.5 m 3 L.A-9 SILCHAR _ 14 nos.
2. 12 m 5.5 m 2   LA-10 SONAI 7 nos.
3. 9 m 5.5 m 2   LA-10 SONAI 7 nos.
4. 9.0m 5.5m 3   LA-11 DHOLAI 7 nos.
5. 9.0 m 5.5 m 3   LA-II DHOLAI 7 nos.
6. 10.0 m 5.5 m 2   LA-12 UDHARBOND 7 nos.
7. 11.5 m 5.5 m 2   LA-12 UDHARBOND 7 nos.
8. 11.5 m 6.0 m 2   LA-13 LAKHIPUR 7 nos.
9. 10.0 m 6.0 m 2   LA-13 LAKHIPUR 7 nos.
10. 9.50m 5.5 m 2   LA-13 BORKHOLA 7 nos.
11. 9.50 m 5.5 m 2   LA-14 BORKHOLA 7 nos.
12. 9.50 m 5.5 m 2   LA-15 KATIGORAH 7 nos.
13. 9.50 m 5.5 m 2   LA-15 KATIGORAH 7 nos.

Note: Please use continuation sheets, if required for             No. of continuation sheets added:

Giving information on all counting halls.

Layout Plan of NATRIP, Udharbond


  • Layout Plan of counting Halls
  • Different location of Halls with names    

The NATRIP Udharbaond halls are assigned for the puposes of counting.

Layout of Counting Halls at Admin Building


  • Admin Building & Canteen at NATRIP Udharbond, Cachar.

The administritive building and canteen locations at NATRIP are shown here.

Layout of Canteen Building(1st Floor)


  • Layout of Canteen Building at NATRIP, Udharbond.
  • Rooms are indicated with names.      

Here shows the rooms at Canteen Building at NATRIP, Udharbond for the purpose of counting of coming election.