• A Perfect Communication Plan is an essential component of an effective Election Management System.
    •  It enables micro-management of elections, concurrent tracking and evaluation of issues and mid-course corrections.
    • It helps the ‘perception management’ and creates a huge ‘psychological presence’
    • It helps the prioritization for intervention.
    • It builds confidence. Communication Plan
    • CP minimizes the response time.
    • Enhances Transparency.
    • As the free and fair elections is not only an end product but, a process in itself, effective information management energizes the process at every level.
    • Piloting during previous elections proved the efficacy of the concept.
    • Communication Plan enabled Polling Station level communication contact points for focused tracking on the poll day.
    • The Plan operates through a well structured multi-layer Communication Teams (CTs)

    – ARO (Assembly segment level),
    – DEO (District Level)
    – CEO (State Level)
    – ECI (National Level )

  • Communication Teams will have clear demarcation of geographical areas and communication-related responsibilities geared to quick crisis resolution and grievance monitoring and information flow.



No. & Name of LAC Total Nos. of PS where there is no mobile network coverage. Total nos. of PS where there is Telephone in & around the PS.
1 2 3
9 – Silchar 0  
10 – Sonai 0  
11 – Dholai (SC) 0  
12 – Udharbond 0  
13 – Lakhipur 0  
14 – Borkhola 0  
15 – Katigorah 0  
Total: 0  

Details of RO of 7 LAC

Name of LA Segment Name of ROs with Designation Contact Numbers
L.A. 9 - Silchar 1. Deputy Commissioner, Cachar  
L.A.10- Sonai Chief Executive Officer, Cachar Zila Parishad  
L.A.11- Dholai(SC) Project Director, DRDA, Cachar  
L.A.12- Udharbond Addl. Deputy Commissioner I, Cachar  
L.A.13- Lakhipur Addl. Deputy Commissioner II, Cachar  
L.A.14- Borkhola Addl. Deputy Commissioner III, Cachar  
L.A.15-Katigorah Settlement Officer, Cachar  

Details of ARO of 7 LAC

Name of LA Segment Name of AROs with Designation Contact Numbers
L.A. 9 - Silchar 1. Project Director, ITDP, Cachar
2. Circle Officer, Silchar
L.A.10- Sonai 1. Addl. Deputy Commissioner IV, Cachar
2. Circle Officer, Sonai
L.A.11- Dholai(SC) 1. Asstt. Settlement Officer, Sonai
2. Extra Asstt. Commissioner I, Cachar
L.A.12- Udharbond 1. Asstt. Settlement Officer, Silchar.
2. Circle Officer, Udharbond
L.A.13- Lakhipur 1. Sub-divisional Officer (Civil), Lakhipur.
2. Extra Asstt. Commissioner, Lakhipur
L.A.14- Borkhola 1. Block Development Officer, Banskandi
2. Extra Asstt. Commissioner II, Cachar
L.A.15-Katigorah 1. Circle Officer, Katigorah
2. Asstt. Settlement Officer, Katigorah

Nodal Officers Details

SL. No. Name, Designation of Nodal Officer Contact Number
1 Sri S Viswanathan, IAS, D.C.Cachar 7086030001
3 Shri M.K.Das, ACS, ADC (Model Code of Conduct Cell, Expenditure Monitoring Cell, Observer Cell, Videography Cell) 9435078800
4 Shri S.N.Singh, ACS, ADC (Refreshment Cell, Law & Order Cell) 9435609123
6 Shri A.Bhattacharjee, ACS, ADC (Postal Ballot Paper/ Ballot Paper Cell, Transport Cell) 9678921576
7 Assistant Commissioner (Data Management Cell) 9435296360
8 Smt. Dipshika Dey, ACS, PD, DRDA (Construction Cell, Counting Cell)
9 Shri S.K.Das, ACS, Election Officer, Silchar (Marked Copy Cell) 9435499610
10 Smti. D.Suchiang, ACS, Circle Officer, Sadar Rev. Circle, Silchar (Photography & Pass Cell) 9435072928
11 , AC (Media & Publicity Cell) 8486021459
12 Sri Sridip Kar, AEE, PWD (Electrical Subdivision) (Electrification Cell) 9435072045
13 Sri T.K.Roy, Executive Engineer, PHE, Silchar Div-I (Water Supply Cell) 9435070099
14 Sri M.L.Deb, Treasury Officer, Cachar (Remuneration Cell) 9435076991