Candidates Expenditure Monitoring PLAN

Coming Plan : -

There is online monitoring and tracking system for election expenditure accounts lodged by the candidates to check for its correctness and if they are in a correct manner prescribed by the Ministry of Law & Justice. It also helps in tracking further actions taken on defaulted candidates by Election Commission and the reply given by the candidates. The application software helps officials to analyze data by generating different State wise, district wise, AC wise reports and for sending summary report of candidate details to the concerned officer in state and ECI through SMS.

    • Online monitoring of Expenditure accounts lodged by the candidates.
    • Online tracking of Actions taken on candidate by Election commission, like Notices issued, Notices served, Hearing done, Case dropped, Disqualified etc.
    • DEO’s first and summary reports.
    • DEO’s supplementary report, if any.
    • Comments on report/s by  ECI, CEO, DEO. 

Abstract Statement of Candidate Expenditure: -
Abstract Statement of Candidate Expenditure software is targeted to help candidates submit Abstract Statement of Candidate Expenditure online through internet. The software will help the Candidates to submit the information in a proper format and will help the Election Commission to process the relevant information in a more systematic and structured manner.


  • Contesting candidate must have a valid mobile number and E-Mail ID before registering in the software as One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to candidate’s mobile number and E-Mail ID which will be required by the candidate to get registered and login in the software.
  • Password should be kept confidential so that unauthorised users will not be able to login to the account. No other entity can access/modify your details until your credentials are being shared.
  • The details entered will purely depend upon entry done by the candidate and the Commission will not be responsible for any changes made in the account.
  • Fill the online entry step wise since the details entered are used in later steps.
  • Keep all the document ready while filing as number of details are required to fill the Abstract Statement of Candidate Expenditure.
  • Make sure that all the details entered are true and correct.
  • In the last step “Finalize and Submit” click the Finalize button once all the details are entered. At the same time be careful before finalizing the details as once finalized, it cannot be edited further and will be considered final.
  • After Finalisation the user can take the printout and a signed copy have to be send to the Election commission.



  • Register online, by visiting
  • First time user should first register by clicking on “Click to Register”
    • User should enter valid mobile number and email-id and Proceed
    • User will receive OTP (One Time Password) as sms on mobile number and to specified email-id.
    • User need to enter the OTP and proceed.
    • Then fill details like state, First name, Last name.
    • Set the Password
    • Click on “Register” and after successful registration, go to login and fill Abstract Statement of Candidate Expenditure.
  • Login with the registered Mobile Number.(User Name will be the mobile Number)
  • Select the Elections for which the Expenditure Statement has to be submitted,
  • Fill the following details in sequence(for detail download manual and read details instruction for filling Abstract Statement of Candidate Expenditure Online)


    • Fill Part-I: Abstract Statement of Election Expenses
    • Fill Part-II: Abstract of Statement of Election Expenditure of Candidate
    • Fill Part-III: Abstract of Source of Funds raised by candidate
    • Fill Schedules -1 to 9
  • Finalize and Submit
  • Take the Printout of PART-I, PART-II and PART-III with the entire schedule details and submit the signed hardcopy to DEO.


ECRP Module: - Election Commission Return Preparer Scheme where ECRP’s helps the Candidates to in filing the affidavit and Abstract statement online