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Government Of Assam Cachar District

Profile of DDMA

To Build a Safer and Disaster resilient District Cachar by developing a holistic, pro-active, multi-disaster, technology-driven and community based strategy for disaster management through collective efforts of all Government Agencies/Departments and NGO’s/CBO’s.
To create a dedicated body that will assess, plan and implement the vital aspects of disaster management (Prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response) for Cachar District.
To ensure smooth coordination between Central Agencies and State Governments Departments in the event of a disaster.
To create a unified command, control and co-ordination structure for disaster management in Cachar, integrating the various wings and agencies of Government that are necessary for emergency response, as well as for preparedness, mitigation and prevention activities. For purposes of Disaster Management, the Nodal Department shall have the authority to command the services of all partner Departments and Agencies, as pre-decided through MoU.

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