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Government Of Assam Cachar District

District Election Office

  • Officer In Charge Shri Sudeep Nath
    Designation:- District Election Officer(DEO)
    Telephone:- Resident Office Mobile
        03842-233983 9577381611
    Office email:- deo-cachar@nic.in

    ABOUT Election Office, Silchar 

    The Election Branch in DC Office is responsible for the implementation of provisions relating to conduct of election as contained in the Constitution of India (Relevant Articles 52, 54 to 59, 62 to 64, 66 to 68, 71, 79 to 85, 99,101 to 104, 158, 168 to 174, 188, 190 to 194, 324 to 334, 341 and 371 (F). Rules and orders under  the Constitution of  India relating to elections, certain acts of Parliament, Statutory Rules and Orders and law relating to removal of disqualification. 

    (a)     Rules and Orders under  the Constitution
    (1)     The Prohibition of Simultaneous Membership Rules, 1950
    (2)    The Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950
    (3)    The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950

    (b)     Acts of Parliament

    (1) Indian Penal Code, 1860 (section 153A, 153 B, 171 A to 171 I, 505)
    (2)     The Representation of the People Act, 1950 and Rules framed thereunder
    (3)    The Representation of the People Act, 1951 and Rules framed thereunder
    (4)    The States Re-organization Act, 1956 (See 47)
    (5)     The Representation of the People (Miscellaneous Provisions ) Act,  
    1965 (See 2)
    (6)    The North Eastern Areas (Re-organization) Act 1971 (See 14 to 20)
    (7)    The Delimitation Act, 1972

    (c)    Statutory Rules and Orders

        (1)    The Delimitation of Council Constituencies Order
        (2)    The Registration of election Rules. 1960
        (3)    The Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961
        (4)    The election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968

    (d)    Law relating to removal of disqualification

    The Parliament  (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1959

    This branch is also responsible (a) for proper maintenance of and storage of ballot boxes, furniture, electoral rolls etc in the go-down of Election Branch (b) for all the matters  being dealt with by the account section under Personnel Branch so far as election matters are concerned.

    During the study of the Election Branch the Assistant Commissioner should focus on the procedure for preparation of electoral rolls, verification of enumerators pad by the election officer, stock registers of ballot boxes, ballot papers and electoral rolls and the register of electoral parts. Pending cases of election T.A Bills and pending audit objections should also be perused. Further, concepts such as the use of electronic voting machines, computerization of electoral rolls and use of information technology in the conduct of elections should be discussed by the Assistant Commissioner with the Deputy Commissioner.

    The Assistant commissioner should also peruse the –

    (1)     Manual on election Law
    (2)    The Hand Book for Returning Officer
    (3)    Compendium of Instructions