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Government Of Assam Cachar District

Flora & Fauna

  • Cachar District Flora and Fauna 
    The flora is mainly Tropical evergreen as well as there are huge tracts of the Rainforests within northern as well as southern parts in the district that are home of Tigers, Hoolock Gibbons, Asian elephants, Gaurs etc. These Cachar forests were once enriched with wildlife however now vanishing because of human attack. Unusual species found include Pig-tailed Macaques, Hoolock Gibbons, Phayre’s leaf Monkeys, Masked Finfoots, Stump-tailed Macaques, and White-armed Wood Ducks etc. The Asian elephants are already vanished. Its southern division was known as the Dhaleswari Wildlife Sanctuary. The Barail is lone wildlife sanctuary in this district and in the Barak valley area. It was started by renowned Naturalist named Dr. Anwaruddin Choudhury during early 1980s. The sanctuary was eventually notified in the year 2004.

    Hoolock gibbon

    As per 2011 census, the Cachar district is having 1,736,319 as its population nearly equal to The Gambia nation or US state in Nebraska. It provides it 278th ranking in India from total 640. This district is having population compactness of 459 people every square kilometer or 1,190 /sq mi. The growth rate of population in decade of 2001-2011 was 20.17 %. The Cachar is having sex proportion of 958 females per 1000 males, as well as 80.36% literacy rate.
    The religious portion of population includes 886,761 Hindus, 522,051 Muslims, and 31,306 Christians. Bengali is Official Language of this district having most of people mainly speaking Bengali as well as Sylheti, the Bengali-dialect. Despite Bengali, other alternative languages spoken within this district consist of Bishnupuriya Manipuri, Meitei Manipuri, Rongmei-Naga, and Dimasa. Also there are few Kuki, Mizo, as well as Khasi people that shape microscopic alternative.
    District Communication in Cachar
    Silchar is amongst the 6 cities in Assam which have airport that is positioned in Kumbhirgram. This district is helped by standard flights from the Alliance Air, the subsidiary of the Air India, North-East Shuttles, as well as Jet Airways. This district is connected through meter gauge railway line to Lumding within Assam as well as through road to rest of country. Customary train and bus services are there with the other cities in North-East India.
    Cachar District and Divisions
    Seven assembly constituencies are there in the district like Barkhola, Dholai, Katigorah, Lakhipur, Silchar, Sonai, as well as Udharbond. Dholai is chosen for the scheduled castes. These seven constituencies are making us the constituency of the Lok Sabha of Silchar.